Data101 Active Textbook


Active textbook allows readers to interact with the book content. This interaction takes place through executable snippets of code as well as testing facilities such as question roulette and short coding assignments . Thus, an active textbook engages the student in so many more ways than a traditional book. It invites students to code and test themselves as part of the textbook.

Key concepts of active Textbook

This bookโ€™s pages are created using Rmarkdown from Rstudio (similar to jupyter notebook) and the book is compiled using โ€œbookdownโ€ package.

The most important aspect of this interactive book are the interactive code chunks for running code, which are powered by a minimal version of Datacampโ€™s learning interface called โ€œDatacamp Lightโ€. For more info visit Datacamp Light

  • Note: This book uses Datacamp Light for supporting runnable code chunks. In case the code chunks do not connect to run-time session, please copy the code and run in RStudio. Also, please report if facing this issue to the instructor via email.

Acknowledgement: This textbook would not have been created without extensive help from Devarsh Shah